Coordination Project

The Priority Programme 2267 with its numerous projects, persons and perspectives is coordinated by the Department of Sociology (Technology—Labour—Society) at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nuremberg. Here all the organisational matters come together and the joint formats and networks are supported both organisationally and in terms of content.

The team in the department of the priority programme director Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer has several tasks in this regard: administrative-organisational coordination tasks and the theoretical-methodological tasks of content synthesis are closely intertwined and worked on in an integrative manner.

Coordinating diverse voices

In more than 20 funded and associated projects, researchers from various disciplines and at differing stages of their career have come together to tackle quite a large task: Investigating the digitalisation of the working world as a whole.

Across the many individual projects, three guiding questions provide orientation: The priority programme attempts to understand how the digitalisation of work is socially prepared, made technically possible and negotiated or shaped by society.

The programme’s objective is therefore to develop a social-scientific analysis that focuses on basic research. The coordination project at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg is to organisationally enable this objective to be met and to substantially support them with content - this includes its own research contributions.

Promoting interdisciplinarity

One core task of the coordination project is to identify connections and gaps within and between the individual projects and funding periods from the perspective of the overarching research question and to develop ways to work on these. The aim is not to delegate theory development and overarching research questions to a separate project focusing on theoretical aspects – something that would not even be possible due to the interdisciplinary nature and breadth of the fields of investigation. Instead, the goal is to provide supporting content-related, structural and methodological measures to individual projects and the programme as a whole to work on jointly creating theory and developing interdisciplinary methods.

Organising dialogues

To integrate the diverse perspectives of the individual projects, the coordination project creates and coordinates internal structures to promote interdisciplinarity in the programme and supports theoretical and methodological foundations that enable synergies. The priority programme is investigating a currently ongoing transformation that is highly relevant to society. Science is only one actor in the overarching societal structure – many other areas of society contribute much more actively to transforming the working world, are much more greatly affected by the transformation or are struggling with their future direction. Societal discourse on the digitalisation of working worlds is very diverse and dynamic. The priority programme aims to be a part of this discourse, introducing ideas drawn from ongoing research. Another task of the coordination project is to offer transdisciplinary dialogues to transformation actors in business, politics and society.

Team of the Coordination Project

Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer
Dr. Manuel Nicklich
Jasmin Schreyer

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