Funded projects

Out of 60 submissions an international jury has chosen 15 projects for funding in a first phase. A coordination project supports these empirical projects.

The funded projects represent a broad interdisciplinary perspective on various aspects and fields of digital transformation of work. In the following you find a list of the funded projects (for details see sidebar):

  • Autonomy and control in digital work contexts of high-reliability organizations
    Prof. Dr. Matthias Klumpp, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen & Prof. Dr. Caroline Ruiner, Universität Hohenheim
  • The Effects of Technological Change on Jobs, Employment and Expectations
    Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann, RWI Essen
  • Data Work. The Development of the IT Service Industry in Germany
    Dr. Michael Homberg, Leibniz-Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam
  • Digital Control in Employment Relationships
    Prof. Dr. Martin Abraham, Prof. Dr. Cornelia Niessen & Prof. Dr. Claus Schnabel, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Digitalisation and Social Class (DigiCLASS). (Un)-Equal Digitalisation Experiences, Future Expectations and Work-Life Utopias Prof. Dr. Hajo Holst, Universität Osnabrück
  • SoCoRob - The social construction of human-robot co-work by means of prototype work settings
    Dr. Martin Meister & Prof. Dr. Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer, TU Berlin
  • Digital Transformation of the Labour Market: Intermediaries, Infrastructure, and Institutional Change
    Prof. Dr. Hans J. Pongratz, LMU München
  • The development of (post)bureaucratic organisational structures in the context of digital transformation
    Prof. Dr. Maja Apelt, Universität Potsdam & Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühl, Universität Bielefeld
  • Comparative Institutional Analysis and Gigwork-Platforms
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beyer, Universität Hamburg & Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirchner, TU Berlin
  • Implications of digitalization for qualification, workplace design and employment
    PD Dr. Simone Haasler, GESIS –Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften Köln
  • Flexibility in Digitalized Working Worlds: Use and implications of telework and digital work communication
    Dr. Anja-Kristin Abendroth, Universität Bielefeld
  • Politics of Performance in the Digitalised Industrial Workplace
    Dr. Sarah Nies, ISF München e.V.
  • Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Theoretical Perspectives and Conceptualization of Digitization Effects on Human Work in Healthcare
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Rosenkranz, Universität zu Köln & Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev, KIT
  • Collaboration and Coordination in Networks of Work
    Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert & Prof. Dr. Susan Williams, Universität Koblenz-Landau
  • Digital Transformation of working worlds – Coordination Project PP 2267
    Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

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