Over twenty funded and associated projects need to be organized. Besides annual conferences, we established small formates, which guarantee intensive exchange beyond the own project. There are three clusters, which deal with specific sub-topics as well as two networks for furthering careers, interdisciplinary qualification and independently enhancing profiles: networks Women and Young Science.

Network Women

Equality for women is a particular concern of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) in all funding formats - and is inscribed in the self-image of our Priority Programme (PP). Numerous opportunities for individual funding are also provided for women in PP 2267.

In addition, however, our own network offers a platform for networking and exchange. Separate event and publication formats can support visibility in the scientific landscape and also deal with additional topics beyond the individual projects in the PP.

Methodological training or formats to support career planning are just as possible as the exchange of experiences in the science sector. The topics, formats and working methods are determined by the network itself.

Network Young Science

Priority programmes are a particularly productive and supportive environment — especially at the beginning of an academic career. But how can this potential be realised? The establishment of the "Young Science" network serves to provide support especially in the qualification phases of doctoral studies and habilitation.

The Priority Programme 2267 offers various individual funding opportunities (for example, in the form of exchange programmes). The network, however, serves the exchange among each other and the organisation of events and workshops. In addition to professional, interdisciplinary skills, the network will also practice communication with social actors beyond the scientific community.

The network offers a forum for substantive and informal networking and interdisciplinary exchange with others in similar phases of personal and professional development.

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